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Which of our services would you like to explore first?
We offer both a convenient medspa and mobile IV services for all your hydration and skin spa needs!
Convenient, professional medspa services for you and your life!

Services of our LifeSpa

  • Targeted fat loss, muscle building & cellulite therapies
  • Transform your skin with our medium-depth chemical peels
  • Hydrate your skin & reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Add-ons to give you a boost to fat loss, increase metabolism, boost your vitamin D, & detox your body
We are on the go! A professional concierge service that comes to you!

Benefits of visiting our Mobile IV

  • Support and boost your immune system
  • Help relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, and focus on gut health
  • Reduce recovery time and inflammation, enhance athletic performance, and promote healing
  • Nourish hair, skin, nails, and wrinkles, and focus on anti-aging
  • Improve mental focus and memory, and reduce brain fog
  • Improve function and maintenance of vital organ systems
  • Boost energy and metabolism, focus on targeting stubborn fat
  • Improve durability and function of almost every part of your body while decreasing future issues through Ozone
  • Detox heavy metal through chelation
See what our customers have to say!

“Was in need of a refreshing look. Jen was super helpful and thorough with the choices I made. She was very sweet and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend it for sure!” – Shelley F.

“I have had a cold for a week, runny nose, cough, and earache! I received the Immunity IV yesterday. Last evening I had lots of energy, and had no coughing during the night or this morning! I feel much better! Thank you for this wonderful boost after a week of feeling awful!” – Joy M.

“After being on roofs all day every day I reached out to Amanda about doing a mobile IV to get me back up and running (I scheduled it the morning after a fun company outing with lots of alcohol involved). She arrived on time with a smile and made the whole experience super easy. I felt like a brand new man afterwards. Highly recommend!” –Steve B.