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IV Services Right to your Door
When you book a service with one of our concierge IV team members, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive the highest level of personal service, paired with convenience that fits your life!
Convenience on your time

Our mobile team comes to you, whether at your home, office, events, outings, conferences, etc! Business Collaborations & Events can be found on our FB or IG page.

We are open every day, primarily 9am – 7pm Monday through Friday and 9am – 2pm Saturday & Sunday; please contact us if you don’t see an available time for you.

No local travel charge dependent upon market. Outside of 20-mile market radius, potential of a $10 travel charge. Outside of 30 miles, groups of 3+ and Nurse availability are required.

Our Most Popular Services

Feeling Dehydrated?

Thirst Trap

Feel a little behind on water and dehydrated? We've got you covered!

Ability to customize your infusion as well. $100 minimum per infusion for mobile travel

Fluids: 500mL $49, 1000mL $79

Add second bag of 500ml to any infusion for $20

Feeling Sick?

Immunity Boosting

Our immunity-boosting IV! Increase healing, reduce recovery time, and prevent illness with this IV!

Fluids: Vitamin C, B Complex, and Zinc for $129

Cold or Flu? We recommend adding additional Vitamin C to infusions. $10

Fun Night Out?


Not 21 anymore? I'm fine, you're fine, everything's fine. Help speed up your hangover recovery... or help prevent it before it happens!

Fluids: Anti-inflammatory, nausea medication, and B Complex for $139

Pre or Post Party infusions available

Enhance Performance?

The Athlete

This is for athletes looking to decrease their recovery time, decrease inflammation, and enhance performance!

Fluids: Vitamin C, B Complex, Amino Acids,and Mineral Blend for $149

Recommendation of adding in one of the following: Arginine, Glutathione, or NAD.

Improved Wellness?

Myers Cocktail

The best for general wellness! Helps alleviate stress, improve immunity, restores balance, promotions hydration, helps reduce migraines, and reduces chronic pain.

Fluids: B Complex, B12, Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin C for $149

Reccomendation of adding in Glutathione or NAD

Reduced Wrinkles?

Glow Up

Quenches tired skin, reduces wrinkles, and helps nourish hair, skin, and nails! Your anti-aging go-to!

Fluids: Vitamin C, B Complex, and Biotin for $139

Reccomendation of adding in Glutathione

Enhanced Cellular Benefits?


As we age, get sick, and deal with anxiety and stress, our NAD levels begin to deplete. This can result in problems for your nervous, muscular, and cardio-metabolic system, as well as low energy and chronic fatigue states. NAD is essential for youthful energy, anti-aging, and good health.

250mg IV $299, 500mg IV $450

Package of 5, 500mg for $2,000

**Ideal protocol of 5 in 10 days; please contact for specifications.**

500mg at-home injections available for $275/mo or $750/3 months. Please contact for info.

Looking for add ons?

Shots & Add Ons

Bio Boost: Fat loss + energy injection. Recommend 4 weekly injections alongside exercise and healthy eating. $40

B12: : Increase your metabolism, burn fat, and boost energy levels. $30

Vitamin D: Help your body produce the calcium it needs to strengthen your bones, teeth, muscles, and immune system. $30

Glutathione: Detox your body with nature's most potent antioxidant. $40

Additional add-ons such as Zofran, Toradol, Benadryl, Arginine, NAD, and more

Add any of the above to an infusion for $20

Additional Infusions

We’re locally owned and operated by women medical professionals Therefore, we have the ability to work with you directly, or with you and your healthcare provider, to provide a customized plan for infusions and injections that may go beyond what you see on our website.

Please email mobile@vividlifespa for questions and customization.
Additional services by clicking below!

Please note stand-alone injections are only available at events and business collaborations.

We are able to work with pediatrics to 10 years old, and pregnancy/postpartum.


Chelation therapy is a treatment that helps to remove heavy metals such as: lead, mercury, iron, gadolinium, arsenic, etc., in your system. 

Lab Services

Need labs done? No problem! Here at vIVid we have the ability to draw specific labs and send them off to Mercy Medical.

Specific labs we do at this time include: Vitamin D, BMP, CMP, CBC, Hmg A1C, B12, and 24-hour urine for heavy metal detection. Please inquire about costs.


Grab your friends and family and save $20 on every IV for groups of 5+



Book your pre or post-party infusions and save below!

Day of the Wedding

Book your pre-party infusions, save, and receive a complimentary gift for each infusion booked!

Book more, save more!

Groups of 3–5: Save $25 per person

Groups of 6+: Save $30 per person

Groups of 8+: Bride or Grooms is also FREE

Month of Wedding

Bride OR Groom receive 3 infusions for $350 (value of $412)

Bride AND Groom each receive 3 infusions for $600 (value of $824)

Choose from Immunity, Myers, Glow Up, Jet Lag

Loyalty Club

Save 50% off on your 6th infusion when you receive 5 infusions within 6 months

Drip Membership

Receive up to 6 infusions per month at $25 off each and 2 free add-ons at each location, for $50 per month Yes! Your family and friends can join at your location and save too!

Ready to feel your best?

New clients always save $20 off infusions, with no travel charge!

 New Botox clients receive $10/unit

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